Pollock Mountain


A prediction of sunny weather goes south on Pollock Mountain.

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John and Dylan drove up from Boise in anticipation of fabulous views of the Seven Devils from the Pollock Mountain Lookout. When we got to the trailhead, things were looking good. Cold, though: 8° at my house this morning.


There is what seems to be a pretty good trail under about 2 or 3" of snow. So we were carrying the snowshoes.


The trail crosses some logging roads (or is it the other way around?), but for the most part it is an easy trail to follow. Unfortunately, the fog and clouds were also following it.

We made good time to Chokecherry Flats, then continued up the somewhat steeper trail past the springs and to the saddle. We had a brief lunch at the saddle, hiding behind some trees from the piercing, cold breeze.

Snowslide Lake

Then it was up some more, now in deeper snow and a fainter trail. Dylan did a good job of leading here until we got to the boulder field.

Above the saddle
There is a trail through the boulder field, but in the fog we couldn't find it. So John took over the navigation. We wandered around a bit, then he found the trail again and took off for the summit. Boulder field
Dylan and I eventually got there, too, and we all hid from the wind behind the Lookout. Not much to see. Darn. Summit

On the way down, about the same spot where we put on our snowshoes during the climb, Dylan had a major malfunction.

We decided that Jon and I were really snowshoesing (note the extra 's'). Dylan was doing snowshoeing, the singular version. What's wrong with this picture?

And about Art and Jeff- they had been a little late getting going. So we finally made contact on our descent (and they were maybe 20 minutes from the top). Art eyed Dylan's gear suspiciously.

On the way down, we made really good time but never left the snowing clouds. I guess we'll have to go back next summer for the views.

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