Timbered Dome


Not much skiing on our hike of Timbered Dome.

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Our original plan was to hike and ski Blizzard Mountain.But following the instructions in the Idaho Climbing Guide, and also IdahoSummits.com, we came to a locked and posted gate. On to Plan B.

Plan B was (and had been for a long time) Timbered Dome. But although we had topos, we did not have good maps to find access. And all the obvious access roads were posted. Darn.

Note: The Wood River Land Trust recently took over some of this land. It will be interesting to see how that affects access.

But on a lark, we drove up Champagne Creek, an open road, and when the road terminated at a mine it all seemed kosher. It's on! But where exactly is the peak?

Our route took us up the ridge on the right toward the rising sun. When we got there, we saw the panorama below.

Off in the distance
Crossing the highway
I always marvel at finding cactus in our mountains, especially where there is snow nearby. Stolle Meadows

I won't bore you with route details- your choices are like infinity. We made our choices, trying to up the technical content to keep it interesting (Class 4). Soon enough, we were in the timber.

Stolle Meadows

And then on top. Nice day! Nice views! Nice group!

Cougar Rock

Because we had really wanted to ski, we spent a lot of time staring at Smiley Mountain, trying to BE there. Can you feel the turns in that nice corn snow? Swish! Swish!

Thunderbolt Mtn

Looking more southerly, this was more like our day: sunny, warm, and a bit hazy. The little bump is Big Southern Butte.

Winter camping?

On our descent, the snowy ridges around Blizzard Mountain taunted us. There are still some nice filled-in bowls. Just gotta figure out how to get to them.

As usual for spring in Idaho, we had a whole truck full of gear: skis, crampons, etc. But Michael summitted in his mocassin clogs.

A great day nonetheless. And now we need a new Plan B.

Trailhead sign

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