Twentymile Lakes


It's all hiking as we get into some high lakes in November.

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Art and I decided that Twentymile Lakes might be interesting. The last time I was there was before the burn in 1997 with my Dad. And for Art, it had been about that long, too. So we gathered up our skis and Jim, who brought snowshoes. Didn't get the e-mail, apparently.

Oh well, when we got to the trail head at something after 10, there was only about 3" of snow anyway, so Jim and I walked while Art thrashed his five-dollar thrift shop skis.


On skis, Art zoomed ahead of us, then doubled back. Sort of the same pattern as with the dogs.

With our late start, we had to eat lunch before we got to the lake.

So by the time we got to the first lake (there are four in this basin) it was already 2:30. North Twentymile Lake

That's Storm Peak.

Storm Peak
And looking the other way, Peak 8796 in the center. I had contemplated trying to climb this one today, but with just a couple hours of daylight left and a long way to get back to the car, it was not to be. Peak 8808
The trip out was uneventful: a little sun, a little snow, and about 10 minutes of daylight left when we got to the car. Sun going down
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