2014 in Pictures


2014 started out cold.

For a textual presentation of the year, see the 2014 Page.

Elizabeth Peak Payette Point Picnic Point
Jughandle White Rock Peak Newman Peak
Rapid River Hazard Creek Falls Miners Peak
Sonoma Peaks, NV Buittercup Snowslide
Jughandle Pilot Peak, NV Sunset Peak
No Regret Cly Lakes North and South Loon
Paintbrush Bolivia Josephine Lake
Burnside Peak Parks Peak Cly Peak
Tsum Peak Slab Butte Kraft Mountain, NV
Two Point Mountain (Fadgen photo) He Devil Boulder-Louie loop
Lava Butte and Sam's Throne Squaw Point Lookout Mountain
Bruin Peak Slick Rock Hard Creek Lake
WCP-1 and WCP-3 Lost Art Peak Pearl and Black Pearl
Box Lake Yockwah Peak Buckhorn tour

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