Boulder-Louie Loop


An afternoon adventure. TGIF.

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It was Friday afternoon after a long work week. How to relax? I convinced Julie that a short hike would be fun. So after the 20 minute drive to the trailhead, we were off around Boulder Reservoir. Note that there are two reservoirs, both named Boulder. Just go with it.

Actually, the upper one is called Boulder Lake.

The trail is initially flat and shaded as it goes around the first reservoir.

Miners Peak close-up

Then it climbs and winds through more woods, over some granite shelves, etc. Very pretty, and the coolness of a September afternoon was blissful.


At just less than 2 miles, you reach the other Boulder Reservoir. That's the dam in front and Buckhorn Mountain in the background.

The trail again runs flat as it goes through the woods just above the southern (right-hand) shoreline.

South Fork of the Salmon River


At the far end of the lake, the trail to Louie Lake presents itself. It's not signed, but it's quite obvious. If you're not certain, wait until there is clearly a ridge to climb.

The ridge is more open, allowing broad views of the area.

Miners Peak

You're not too far from Buckhorn.

You could have gone to Buckhorn by NOT turning toward Louie Lake.

Ponderosa forest

Nick is a little farther.

And no, you don't want to try going to Nick from here.

Ponderosa forest

The trail climbs some more, then traverses very near the double summits of Twin Peaks.

Then it tops the saddle between Twin and Jughandle and heads downhill toward Louie Lake. Ah, there's the lake now!


South Fork of the Salmon River

More downhill and then some more, and you are at Louie Lake with this famous view of Jughandle. Fall colors and afternoon light make for photo magic.

From Louie, you continue descending on an old jeep road. It still gets motor vehicle traffic, so be prepared for a dusty mess. And if you miss the overly-well marked turnoff that takes you back to the trailhead (it does happen), you're a schmuck.

South Fork of the Salmon River
Map. South Fork of the Salmon River

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