Box Lake


With fresh snow at home, we choose the trail (note: trail) to Box Lake.

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We woke to snow in the yard (the second time this Fall). A brief conversation with Jeff and we were all headed for Box Lake.

So long as there wasn't too much wet brush overhanging the trail, we would be fine. Hiking poles. But this trail is in better shape than most on the Payette forest, so I felt confident we'd have a good hike.

The trail starts out straight up the hillside, with a few switchbacks thrown in. But it doesn't take long to start getting views. That's Snowslide Peak.


Here we got a straight-shot view back down Lake Fork Creek. Slick Rock is in the mist on the right.

Many confuse this valley with Lick Creek, because it IS Lick Creek road. But Lick Creek is on the other side of the pass, and flows into the Salmon.

After the long initial pull, the trail stair-steps a bit with some long flat sections. However, the flat sections include creek crossings, some on snowy logs. As you may know, I'm not a fan of snowy logs. Camp

Near the summit, there is a big, flat meadow. When we got there, the sun came out a bit. Lots of snow here; in addition to it being puffy season and gaiter season, it might be snowshoe season.

At the end of that final flats, you get the view of Box Lake, below. The trail continues down and past the lake, but we opted to make this our turnaround.

Note: That's the ramparts of Beaverdam on the right, and Peak 8213 on the left.




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