Bruin Peak


A year later, but we finally get up Bruin Peak.

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I did this one by myself back in 2006, so with my old-age memory, it was nice to go back after 8 years. Seemed brand new!

Last year about this time, we tried to drive up the road to Fisher Creek Saddle to attempt Bruin, but were stopped by excessive snow. With apologies to Julie, we got turned around (whew!) and parked. Instead, we climbed what we called Ladybug Ridge.

This year is a little different. Partially due to not leaving until 11am, it was 61° when we left the truck.

In the background you can see Blacktip Peak.


But our goal for today was Bruin Peak, on the left/middle. The big peak to the right is Bruin Mountain.

As we worked our way up the ridge, I saw this one peeking out. It's always fun when you can see where you were earlier in the week: Squaw Point. Trailhead

When we got to the ridgetop, the views opened up in the other direction. That's Granite Mountain on the left, and in the shadows you can see Hidden Lake. You can also see Bally Mountain sitting above Hard Creek canyon.

The summit ridge of Bruin Peak involves lots of boulder hopping with spectacular views. Start
Here's a great example of the spectacularness. In the background you can see Storm Peak, and peeking over the ridge in the foreground, Blacktip. Start

When we got to the actual summit, marked by a benchmark, it wasn't clear that it was the highpoint. Thinking the true summit was a little farther along the ridge, we set our sights over there. And why not? The weather certainly wasn't a concern, nor the clock. Carry on.



Alas, that far end of the ridge was a falsie. Oh well, I wanted to see Upper Hazard anyway. Let's take a "summit" shot and have lunch.

Lookout Mountain

The danger of spending too much time on top is that you find other interesting places to visit. But if you're inclined to adventure, this can be a bonus. Here, Julie descends the east side of the mountain, heading south toward a curious spot on the ridge. Is that a little pond?


As it turns out, it's a former pond. I had been complaining about getting old, so we named it Golden Pond.



Then it was back up and over the ridge, making a loop (Yay!). As we topped the ridge, we got this great view of Slab Butte (the pointy thing in the distance) and Ladybug Ridge in the middle of the photo.

White Clouds
Map of our perambulations. White Clouds

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