Cly Lakes


A loop hike to McCall's prettiest lake basin.

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Considering the size of this group, we did a reasonably good job of getting going early in the morning. Based on our trip in here in 2012, we skipped trying to find the trail down low and did a more directed shortcut through the initial bushwack.

Miners Peak close-up

Soon, we were getting outstanding views. I call this peak 'Humdinger', which happily annoys Art. From here, you can pick up the trail on this bench somewhere.



The bench ends and you traverse a steep, north-facing hillside. There was a bit of snow, even in what has been a warm July.

Miners Peak
This is looking up past Duck Lake and down the 20-Mile drainage. I think there is a really cool traverse in here somewhere. South Fork of the Salmon River

This is looking at Burnside Peak (which name makes sense because it sits above Burnside Lake).

Ponderosa forest

Back to our trail. We have to cross this valley and climb the other side.

That's McCabe Peak in the background (I didn't make that name up- Cody did).

Many sections of this hike have trail. It's just more obvious in some spots. Upper ridge and lookout

The upper Cly Lakes are in a hanging valley, terminating in a waterfall. Here's the falls from below.

In the panorama below, the outlet is on the far right.

Approaching the cornice

This is looking 'upstream' from the outlet.

Summit ridge

It truly is a beautiful spot. We had a leisurely lunch while we soaked it in. This is a pretty eclectic group, so you can expect some interesting conversations during breaks. This one didn't disappoint.

View from lookout

Then it was time to head home. Art decided that we should loop it. However, our group found three different ways to start the return.


Eventually we all ended up on the ridge just west of the lake. Blackmare Peak
That led to one of those wonderful ridge walks you find in the mountains around McCall, where you never know if it will really work.... Ridge
...and the accompanying views. Nick Peak
Art had remembered some stuff about this ridge that I had forgotten. On the other hand, he had forgotten the 4th class descent, which I remembered. Summit ridge
Our group once again found several solutions to the problem. Descent

And then it was simply a matter of closing the loop back to the yurt.


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