Cly Peak


After a long climb, we discover we have climbed the wrong peak: Cly Peak.

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I climbed Cly Peak back in 2012 in an extended tour of the Cly Lakes basin. While there, I spotted the incredible-looking Tsum Peak. So when I mentioned trying Tsum Peak to Jeff, he was in. Julie took a little convincing, but it was such a nice day.

So with a leisurely start to allow the brush to dry, we were off at about 10:30.

Miners Peak close-up

We followed the thin trail heading to Lake 33, then jumped off at what appeared to be a thinning of the brush. The first couple hundred feet was through some very healthy bear grass, making things a little slippery. But soon the bear grass petered out and the views began. That's Sawtooth Peak in the background.



As the trees opened up, the rock started. Fun!

Now where's that summit....?

Miners Peak
We had to wrap around the ridge a bit, but that looks like Tsum. However, I had marked the topographic highpoint (or so I thought) on the GPS, and it was telling us to go up, not over. South Fork of the Salmon River
The GPS had me scratching my head, but as we got higher it was harder and harder to tell where the highpoint was in the ridge. I paid a lot of money for the GPS- I had better follow it. South Fork of the Salmon River


It looked really familiar.

Ponderosa forest

And what was that big thing over there?

THAT is Tsum. It's about 200 feet higher.



Actually, before we even summitted I recognized this oddly shaped boulder as the summit of Cly Peak. It wasn't until I saw the top that I recognized it, because in 2012 I climbed it from the other side.

Hey- anyone want to go climb Tsum Peak?

Ponderosa forest


Beta: Follow the Lake 33 trail (if you can) to almost the final headwall before the saddle. Turn left and go up. Our route down was much easier (although just as steep) as our route up.

Note to self: Next time, figure out the coordinates on the big computer monitor in the comfort of my home instead of on the tiny GPS screen in the bright sunlight.

Ponderosa forest

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