Hazard Creek Falls


A really nice spring hike up the gorgeous Hazard Creek canyon.

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This hike is in Scott Marchant's book, The Hiker's Guide to McCall & Cascade.

In the book, he describes the route as starting out as a rough road (pictured here), then turning into a narrow trail. Due to ATV's abusing the backcounttry, what he describes as a narrow trail has reverted back to the road it once was (although I'm pretty sure that at some point, this was pristine and there was no road). As a firm believer in "Leave No Trace," I hate to see a nice trail trashed. And No, having to walk does not mean you are "Locked out." It simply means that the area can remain natural with no significant degradation.

But it's still a nice area.

Newman Peak


This canyon is aligned to gather sun, so don't do this one when it is hot. In early April, we were already in T-shirts and plenty warm.


You don't have to go very far before you start getting views of the creek.

A little further upstream, the creek goes through a narrow gorge. Avy
Here, I've added a special effect. It's called motion.

The ATVs apparently did not like the original trail, so made a new one. The new one invited this creek to jump in on the fun.

Marchant doesn't mention this falls. We spied it through the dense forest and did a little spur hike. This is Hyatt Creek. Peak

And here it is from pretty much right underneath.

Snowy ridge

After Hyatt Creek, you have another half mile or so to get to this big rock amphitheater. It's pretty obvious that the falls will be nearby because this rock rib completely pinches the canyon.

Sure enough- there's the falls. It's a little hard to look at because you're on the edge of about a 150' drop. Not much room to maneuver. I shot this by reaching out into space with one arm while clutching the rock. Valley
It's a lot more fun to look at when it's moving.

We continued past the falls to see the upper canyon. Marchant describes a possible camping spot, and that spot is dominated by a rock tower. We had to climb it... had to!


Awesome views and happy hikers.



Then it was time to head back. Note that my scorn for those who make messes in the backcountry isn't limited to just motor vehicles. These banana peels (and partial banana) were left right on the trail by some hikers.

C'mon, people- pack out your trash. And for what it's worth, bananas don't carry well in a pack.

PS- As evidenced by what Julie showed me on the bath mat this morning, the ticks are out.


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