Josephine Lake


Dad gets his legs back on his first hike since breaking his hip.

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Last January, Dad slipped on some ice in his driveway and broke his femur just below his hip socket. He survived almost freezing to death, but had to go through surgery, a long convalescence, and tons of physical therapy.

As part of his PT, he has been riding a bike on a trainer every day, plus he had been walking the dogs on the county road in front of his house. But it was time to go for a real hike.

After some consultation, he decided on Josephine Lake, which is just north of Secesh Summit. The first part of the trail is pretty smooth, although there are a couple creek crossings (mostly dry) and a couple trees to crawl over or under.

Miners Peak close-up

Then the flat trail turns uphill, and gets steep and a bit loose. But the views open up, too. This is the lower, unnamed lake.



Someone has nailed a sign onto a tree, signifying the lake. Proof that he made it! 300 feet of elevation gain.

Miners Peak
Josephine is a big lake and the sun was in the wrong spot for a good picture. Suffice it to say it was a beautiful day with a nice breeze and tons of sunshine. South Fork of the Salmon River

Dad was actually feeling pretty good and we were both wondering how he was going to do on the downhill. So we didn't rest long- time to head home.

Ponderosa forest

One of the previously-mentioned creek crossings.


Map of our hike.

In addition to testing his legs, this was an opportunity for Dad to re-learn how to use the GPS.

1.7 miles round trip, 330' gain, 1:37 total time

Duck Lake next?

Upper ridge and lookout

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