Lookout Mountain


Another Idaho Summits group outing takes us up Lookout Mountain.

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It was time once again for the Idaho Summits fall outing, delayed version. The previously-scheduled weekend was a gully washer, so Dan had wisely postponed until this gorgeous sunny fall weekend. Good choice, Dan.

On this weekend, we anticipated a large crowd (large by our standards) and were camping luxuriously in the Casino Creek campground. There were multiple husband/wife teams, and more than a few people were in trailers, roughing it.

As people got their tents up (and their trailers levelled), we started congregating around the campfire, waiting for the Wild Chef to work his magic.


With our bellies full of Small Tent Soup and more than a little wine and beer, we told tales of bravado and poked fun at each other. Good times.

Those sitting immediately next to the fire hardly noticed the temperature dropping. But soon it was time to hit the hay. At least for some .......


The next morning we rolled out of camp at a leisurely, although still quite cold, 9am. A short drive up the Rough Creek road brought us to the trailhead where we futilely tried to get organized.

At something after 10, the train left the station. Start

We moved along briskly, hoping for some sunshine. When we finally got our wishes, we were well past the lookout where we finally got to see the lookout behind us (the trail goes up the valley to a saddle, then doubles back along the ridge to the peak), shining in the sun.



From the saddle, you can climb up a pile of rocks and get this view of our destination.

Lookout Mountain

I had warned Dan about the possibility of snow on the trail. He scoffed, but in the end I was right. Here's proof.


With this many people, it takes some time for the entire clan to reach the top. Here's the reward, though: awesome views of the Sawtooths.



Similar views of the White Clouds.

As well as the Lemhis, Lost Rivers, Boulders, Smokies, Tangos, etc. etc. etc.

White Clouds

It's a big summit, which was a good thing. Note that my back was against the lookout, so I couldn't move back enough to photograph the entire group. Apologies to those I missed.

I think we stayed on top for more than an hour, then hoofed back down the trail in lengthening shadows to waiting coolers at the trailhead.

Great outing, Dan!

Trip reports and pics from others on the outing:


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