Rapid River


It's starting to be Spring on Rapid River.

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Julie and Deb had skied Sargent's the day before, reporting boilerplate until late in the afternoon. So today, we decided we'd seek out something off the snow. Deb had an appointment in Boise, so we started quite early, on our feet at about 9am. Temperature was just below freezing. Newman Peak


Bundled up, we headed up the canyon. It seemed quite pretty, mostly because it wasn't white (we still have over two feet of snow in our yard).

Note that this is challenging stuff for a photographer (let alone a hack like me!) due to low light and high reflections. So most of these photos have been 'enhanced.'




It's not very long until you arrive at "First Bridge."


The trail wanders along beside the river. Very pretty, and somewhat noisy.

But the trail isn't flat. It also wanders up and down the hillsides to get around rocks, cliffs, etc. Peak

It's something close to three miles to Second Bridge. By this time, Art, Carol, and Sam had caught up with us, per the plan. But other than this group, we owned the canyon, the advantage of being early risers.

Snowy ridge

We stopped at the trail junction right above Third Bridge and had a lovely lunch sitting in the grass (yes, the green stuff) and the sunshine.

Then we parted ways. Carol is rehabbing an ankle broken last summer that later required a re-do. So she wisely opted to call it a day and head back. Art wisely opted to go with his wife.

Meanwhile, Julie, Deb, and I decided to hoof it up the hill to Potter Flats. And while the lower trail sort of wanders up and down, this one gets right to business with some altitude gain.

It's a spectacular piece of trail, overlooking a whole series of falls and white water that aren't really very photogenic, but beautiful to look at and impressive to hear. Adding to the impression is the way some parts of the trail are perched with close proximity to the precipice. Valley

As the drop of the canyon starts to flatten, there is s short spur to this grave site.


And then you are at Potter Flats.



There is a little meadow with what has become a quiet stream flowing through (just out of frame to the left- I couldn't get the girls to stand in it). Nice camp spots.

We poked around for a few minutes, then headed back to keep Deb on schedule. Next time, we'll hike the further three miles to McRae Ranch. And the trail keeps going; this will eventually take you into the Seven Devils Wilderness.


On the way back, the sun had finally made its way to the trail. The frozen tread was turning a little muddy, and we started pulling off layers. I was down to a single top, no gloves, etc. And we were joined by lots of other day hikers, plus a backpacking couple. I counted over 15 cars in the parking lot.

Oh, I forgot to mention the wildflowers. Saw my first trillium of the year, always a sign that summer might eventually make it our way.

White Rock

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