Snowslide Peak


The traditional season-opener, Snowslide is a fun snowclimb.

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It was Memorial Day Weekend, and we were tired. Life has been too hectic lately, and the idea of a whole lot of windshield time didn't sound appealing.

So instead, we did the traditional McCall season opener. Some years you can drive to the trailhead, some you have to hike a bit. Some years we climb the peak, some we just hike to Golden Lake, itself a 2000' gain. And this is a fun climb with outstanding views, so we have done it at other times of the year as well.

It's a tradition to do this wtih my Dad, who is now 84. It is his favorite hike. But we left him at home this year. Last winter he slipped on some ice and broke his hip, so he's not yet fully walking. We hope he'll be ready to go next year.










With the previously mentioned fatigue, we got up late, stopped for coffee, and before I finished my latte we were already at the trailhead.

I did a great job navigating the imaginary lower trail and we were quickly gaining views. That's Slick Rock on the left.



I've been up this peak several times, and we were relaxing. So it was OK that much of our hike looked like this.

Miners Peak

After seeing many, many wildflowers, we hit our first snow.

It's normal to see snow on this climb at this time of year, but usually we can get to the 'meadow' before it gets serious. Today, we put on crampons about 300 vertical feet lower than that.

South Fork of the Salmon River

It hadn't frozen the night before, so it was slushy. But the crampons gave a sense of security on the steeper sections below the lake.

And then we were at the lake (below).

Yes, those are illegal snowmobile tracks. We saw the tracks up over the ridge and down the in the Maki Lake basin, all closed to snowmobiles.

Miners Peak close-up
Miners Peak close-up
There is a wide, gradual chute that leads you up around the cliff areas. For perspective, Julie is in the lower left. Snowshoes
My daughter calls this Platt Peak. This side is challenging, the opposite ridge is a walk-off. Ponderosa forest

Looking the other way, there was less cloud over our summit.

Ponderosa forest

It was a nice day in the neighborhood.

When we got to the summit, Julie discovered that she had lost her prescription eyeglasses. This was new- she usually loses her sunglasses.


  • Tons of ticks today.
  • We only had to drive over a couple drifts, and those will probably be gone in a day or two.
  • Full ladybug convention on the summit.
  • Despite not seeing another footprint, town on our return was absolutely nuts.
Upper ridge and lookout

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