Brush Peak


Brush Peak, ironically, can be climbed without much brush.

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It had been a long week and we wanted to get out before I left for a week in Wisconsin. This little gem had been in the back of my mind, and perfectly fit the bill.

But first, we had to do the dreaded drive to Pearl Lake TH, an extremely rough 7 mile drive off of Warren Wagon Road. Teeth rattling, bone shaking. And apparently we were the first up the road this spring, because I had to bust a couple drifts to get here- to get this view of our peak.


There were a couple trees down right at the top, adding three or four hundred yards to our hike. But the hike was gorgeous, initially following the Crestline trail to Pearl Lake. The peak in the background is Paintbrush.

Shortly after the turnoff to Pearl Lake, we left the trail for some deadfall cruising. There's our peak again. Trailhead

And zoomed in.

As you can see, calling this Brush Peak is a little ironic, because there is virtually no brush. But it sits right above Brush Creek, and near Brush Lake.


And in places, there isn't even any deadfall.

Somewhere out here we annoyed a couple of elk by following them through the trees. They usually know the best way to go.



It had taken about two hours from the car, at a leisurely pace.

We considered calling this Valley View peak, because it is definitely that. There's Upper Payette Lake. Trailhead

Hey! That's a fine looking peak.

It's Teardrop Peak, which we climbed last Monday.


And then an eagle flew overhead, checking us out.

Trying to take pictures of birds is always challenging, especially when the sun is in line.

The wildflowers are just starting, and it looks like the recent rains are going to result in an excellent year (although really, really early) Trailhead



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