Black Lee Peak


A solo explore and loop of Peak 8270.

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Tom and I had spied this peak while driving home from climbing Burnside Peak. Then Art and I got a better look at it when we climbed Yockwah Peak.

So there's nothing on the calendar.... time for an explore!

I started out with the 45 minute drive from my house, then by cruising up the Black Lee trail on the way to Box Lake. Then I turned hard left to enjoy some Class A bushwacking. Even better, I wasn't really sure I'd be able to exit this gully when I got to the top. Oh well, looks fun!


After multiple encounters with slide alder over boulders containing waterfalls on a steep hillside (it doesn't get any better), I eventually neared the ridge, where I was offered a menu of steep snow (and no ice axe) or rock.

Mantra: path of least resistance, path of least resistance, path of least resistance

The snow was looking a little steep for just a ski pole, but the steps seemed to be deep and firm. Trailhead

Thankfully, what looked like the top of the ridge really was the top of the ridge. And the ridge top was easy going with some bare ground.


Still some blue sky, despite the NOAA 40% POP.


My mind was making calculations concerning just how fun that alder was going to be on the way down. But before we go there, here's some of the view:

Payette Lake looking south and a bit west


Yockwah Peak looking northerly.

OK, my mind is made up (sort of). Downclimbing alder over wet cliffs is not sounding good. What can you see from the end of that snowfield?

It looked a little sketchy but within the realm. I wonder what's over that bulge? Trailhead
But first, I had to get down the chute. I faced in the first 50 or 60 feet. Then it wasn't too bad.
Over the bulge, it took a little back and forth to find a good route. Somewhere in here, I saw old ski tracks. Perhaps those from Jim P? Trailhead
It took a little wandering back and forth, but it went pretty quickly. Here's the view from the bottom of the decent. Trailhead

I had been in this valley when Art and I did Yokwah last fall, so I knew where to go: path of least resistance. A couple more creek crossings.

And then for contrast, follow the excellent trail back to the car.



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