Shaw Twin Lakes


A local hike to Shaw Twin Lakes.

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It was Sunday, and the morning had been down to 23°. We decided to leave at a leisurely 11:30. Even so, it was coats and gloves as we got under way.

The trail had been cut out, and there is not a lot of gain to get to the first lake, so it was easy walking.


Part of the trail follows an old irrigation ditch.


Then you pass through some pretty meadows (soggy in the spring?), and walk a movable log to cross a shallow creek.

And here's Lower Shaw Twin. For such a short hike and easy access, it has a very alpine feel. Trailhead
Upper Shaw Twin has a dam on it, thus in October you get a bathtub ring. Still, very pretty. Trailhead

The map showed a smaller lake up above, so we bushwacked to it the hard way.

On the way back, we followed a much better path, and that led us to a hilltop view of the upper lake, below. Again, very alpine. It looks like there might be some fun scrambling, plus a possible route to climb Boulder Mountain. All that is for another day, though.

From the north side of the highpoint, you get great views of the Lake Fork Creek drainage, the valley that contains the McCall side of Lick Creek Road. Trailhead
Then we cruised back to the car so that I could tag this highpoint. From where we parked it's about a 3 or 4 minute walk with about 50' of gain. Trailhead
Lame, but also offering nice views. That's Boulder Mountain and the valley containing the Shaw Twin Lakes. Trailhead
Map Trailhead

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