2017 in Pictures


2017 came in with wonderful skiing.

For a textual presentation of the year, see the 2017 Page.

Quinzee Wolverine study Jug with Bro
Big Creek Summit peaks Copper Mountain Kline Mountain and Curtis Peak
Riley Butte Dead Indian Ridge Nevada Wander
Goat Creek Peak Williams Peak Sixmile Ridge and Pk 5891
Rainbow Mountain Bald Mountain Snowslide Peak
Crystal Lake Box Lake E. Fk. Kennally Cr. peaks
Humdinger N. Fk. Lick Creek trail work Needles Summit peaks
Goose Creek Road peaks Loon Lake Loop and Peak 6355 Celebration of Life
Nethker Peak Little French Creek meadows Shaw Twin Point
Duck Lake and Duck Peak Bally Mountain Center Ridge
Boulder Mountain Hawkins Peak, CA Cody's Camp
Goat Lake Boulder-Louie Lake loop Crystal Lake
Snowslide Peak Nevada-Utah wander Snowslide Peak

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