Bald Mountain


Bald Mountain sits just east of the Lemhi crest, giving great views of those peaks.

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John and I were feeling a little tired from yesterday's IdahoSummits climb of Rainbow Mountain, so today we opted for nearby Bald Mountain. We liked the idea of not having to carry snow gear. But the gaiters found good use while wading through the dewy, early-morning sage brush.

Margo took this photo of Bald Mountain from across the valley, and I enhanced it a bit. Click to see the background in a less-enhanced photo.


We rolled out of camp at 7am sharp, found the ford across Birch Creek at the lower entrance to the campground, and crossed the creek. Bumper-deep on my pickup, but relatively smooth and solid stream bottom. Then a good road, although the "gravel" used to improve the road is in the 2-3" size.

We were on our feet at a little before 8am. Clear skies, aching thighs. Our summit is about in the middle, although possibly behind what you see here.

Snake River

The dogs weren't thrilled with the stiff sagebrush and occasional cacti. But we were moving right along.


The cliff bands through here are essentially level, creating terraces above them. Very cool.


If you didn't notice in the previous photos, the sage-covered hillsides go a long, long way. And then keep going. At least the cacti was no longer with us.

A little higher, John took us around to the eastern side of this rib, where we found forest and a little lower angle. It was quite pleasant.


It was still a gorgeous day when we got near the top, but very windy.




Summit views. Looking sort of north-northwest.


Looking south-westerly.


Looking south.

If you click for the bigger version, you might be able to see the truck at the bottom. And it's a long way down a steep hillside through stiff sagebrush.


Map to follow.



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