Boulder-Louie Lake loop


A snowy hike with family and friends .

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Tom's family was up for the weekend, but there was quite a bit of new snow. After some discussion, we decided this would be a good hike: scenic and close to home (about a 20 minute drive from my front door).

It was cold as we started out in the shade.


But by the time we got to Boulder Reservoir (to clarify, there is a lower Boulder Reservoir and upper Boulder Lake), we were in the sun. Much better.

Jughandle poking its head above a sunny photo op. Approach

Chris indicating the route around Boulder Lake. Buckhorn Mountain in the background.


We did a short detour at the lake, hiking up onto a rocky rib to get a westerly view of the valley.

This is ascending the ridge between Boulder and Louie. Note the lack of sunshine at this point. Approach

After you crest the shoulder of Twin Peaks, you start the descent to Louie, with this view of the backside of Jughandle.

Poor Kenzie was trying to recover from a bout with the flu. Her smile came and went occasionally. But she toughed it out. A trooper! Approach
The fabulous view from Louie Lake. Well worth the effort any day. Approach

This really needs to be a video, because Susan was making some moves as she struggled to avoid falling in Boulder Creek. Successfully, I might add.

This was a really nice family outing. I hope to do similar soon!


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