Crystal Lake


An early season hike to frozen Crystal Lake.

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Tom and I were looking for a short hike/dog walk that we could do with the late spring snow. So we buzzed up to the Fall Creek trail and started up the hillside. There was a fog bank at the upper end of the valley.


I knew the trail had been cleared recently. It has one or two fresh logs, but not too bad.

The snow was firm and supportive. Approach

The creek was raging, so we took a short cut when we saw a reliable snow bridge.



Ruby is around somewhere, here.


Gorgeous day with great views. That's Gunsight Notch right above Middle Fork Lake.


Tom found a great lunch spot.

That's pretty much the sum of open water today. On the way down, we ran into a Fish and Game guy with a pole on his pack, who was hoping to do some fishing. We had to break the news to him.

Also on the way back, I crossed our snow bridge, but aparently doing it harm... because it broke when Tom crossed it. His foot went into the creek, but nor far enough to fill up his boot. Approach

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