Crystal Lake


A fall hike in the snow to Crystal Lake.

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Brian was visiting, and the recent snowfall(s) meant rock climbing was out. So we instead hiked up to Crystal Lake. The trail was covered with snow right from the parking lot. In fact, the road was icy/bumpy/horrible from the end of the pavement.

But despite the snow, we were enjoying ourselves in shirtsleeves. This is looking southerly toward Gunsight Notch.


Yeah, this notch.

Note the basin below the notch, which holds Middle Fork Lake.

The gargoyle on the middle horizon sits right above the lake. Approach

With shirtsleeves in the afternoon and mid-20s at night, you get icicles.


Brian surveys the lake. A few fish jumping.


I had forgotten that I stashed a couple IPAs in my pack. Fun surprise! Getting old has its benefits.


We decided one beer wasn't enough, so were forced to proceed back to the truck.

We had gone for a morning walk, ridden mountain bikes around noon, then hiked for four hours. When we got home, Ruby still wanted to play. Tireless. Approach

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