Goat Lake


The Sawtooths never disappoint, and some say Goat Lake is the prettiest in the range.

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We had been visiting "The Kids" (capital K) in Hailey over the weekend, enjoying our new grandson, his sisters, Trailing of the Sheep Festival, etc. Our plan was on our return home to hike Cabin Creek Lakes, but someone had gated off the road. Rather than get in any kind of confrontation, we headed north with my mind grinding to find a suitable alternative: Hell Roaring, NO. Huckleberry, nah. Bench Lakes, no thanks. ... aha! Goat Lake!

Julie had never been, so it was instantly settled. Well, after a discussion about length, gain, and time it was settled.

So we bumped our way out Iron Creek and were on our feet promptly at 10:30. Even that late, it was barely above freezing.


We were cruising pretty well, and it was a gorgeous, cloudless day. This sort of looks flat. It's not. The first couple miles are like this- nice trail through the woods. Not a lot to look at.

Then the trail turns into Goat Creek and the views jump out at you. And especially with a dusting of snow. Approach
My nemesis, Merritt Peak. Approach
Now we were on the south side of the ridge, with lots of sunshine to light the scenery. Where these cliffs meet the trail, there is a short section of slab with ball bearings to traverse. Approach

Above the slab, the trail gets "easier".

Stanley in the background.


I hadn't been up here for a few years, so made the mistake of following the 'trail' into a talus field because I thought there might be a new way up to the lake.

That talus long-cut resulted in Ruby crying and Julie yelling at me about following the cairns (I wasn't, but there was no point!- the cairns followed my theory that cairns are place by people who are lost). And a big waste of time.

But there's the lake!

Julie marveling. Approach
Group shot. Approach
On the way home, we followed my memory of a trail down by the creek. MUCH better. Julie didn't even complain about the creek crossing! Approach
On our return, we spotted the Ice Rink. Approach
Another view of Stanley. Approach
White Clouds looking pretty white. Or pretty and white. Approach
Enjoying some last sun. Approach
Fall colors. Approach

Julie was enthralled by the ice formations still clinging above Iron Creek at 3 in the afternoon.

Then it was a race home to beat the setting sun. Great day. Great weekend. I love the fall lighting in the mountains with a touch of snow.




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