Dead Indian Ridge


Springtime wander on Dead Indian Ridge gives views into two states.

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Big Dan sent out an invite. It had been a while since we last got out, plus it sounded great to do some foothills wandering. We loaded up the pup and headed for Weiser.

West of Weiser, following the road to the sand dunes, the land is a pattern of mixed ownership. We parked at the start of a 4WD road on BLM land and headed for our summit, which dominated this photo.


Easy going wherever, so we left the road and wandered. That's the Snake River in the background.

Snake River

Ruby and Vuyo became great friends. I'm hoping Ruby was only somewhat annoying to our hiking friends.


It's early season, so depending on health and what's been happening in their life, everyone has their own pace. We weren't in a hurry, so it's all good.


W were pretty spread out on the summit, so I didn't get a group shot.

This is the view from up high.


And our little family.


That's our second peak, Dead Indian, off in the distance.

Sorry, I don't know the etymology. It provided opportunity for conversation, though.


Looking back at Indian Head. The actual summit is on the left.

It was an uneventful walk to Dead Indian. We were monitoring our fatigue and measuring it against the distance back to the car. And I was wondering if I was going to have to carry our over-exhuberant little Ruby.



It seemed like it wanted to rain, and it did spatter a bit. But never really needed the raingear except to cut the wind on the summit.

The sky lifted a bit on the way back to the car, and so did our spirits. Approach

It's pretty much ALL downhill.

That's good, because back in 2016 I swore off going uphill on the descent.



Note: This area is a lacework of private property and BLM land. Choose your route accordingly.


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