Shaw Twin Point


A short day in the smoke.

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Bigger plans today were dropped because of the smoke. But after the 30 minute drive and another half hour of walking, we were at Lower Shaw Twin and it was very pretty. Approach

Still pretty. This from the granite knoll to the north of the Upper Shaw Twin.

There is a good trail to the upper lake. From that point on, it's bushwacking. But pretty plaesant bushwacking, at least from my perspective.


We did a little detour (or wander) that brought us to the frog pond.


Then we headed out the ridge for our objective: Shaw Twin Point.
Bushwhacking with Ruby is sort of cheating- she runs around and checks out all the possibilities. Then when old, slow Dad gets there, she has already figured out the best route. That was pretty handy as we worked our way down the series of granite ledges that protected the ridge.


I had explored some of this area earlier with Tom and Susan.


There's Shaw Twin Point.

Also note the meadow/swamp to the left.

Ruby leads the way. Approach
This is a typical Lick Creek summit. Don't bother trying to climb the rock until you're sure it's the summit (it's not). Approach
THERE is the actual summit.
Ruby has learned a lot about hiking. She has not yet learned about summit shots. Approach
Smoky views from the top. You can sort of make out a bit of Slick Rock. Approach

We did some more exploring on our way back, trying to find a more direct (or less brushy) route.

This was a fun, easy hike very close to our house. I should do this one more often.

Map Approach

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