Golden Lake and Snowslide Peak


With a storm predicted to move in in a day or two, we catch some sunshine on Snowslide Peak.

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Earlier in the week we had hiked up to Crystal Lake, which sits about 2000' up the canyon behind the photographer. It had been snow the entire way, and up to 6 or 7 inches deep.

So today, we decided to go for the sunnier side of the canyon. There was still some snow, but this hillside gets direct afternoon light. Somewhere up there.


Indeed, after we had climbed above the valley floor, we found dry ground to walk on.

But there is about 2k of gain to Golden Lake, and you roughly follow the outlet creek, so we were in the snow soon enough. Approach

I was surprised to see the lake mostly frozen over. And this despite the recent warmer temps.


We had made great time on our climb to the lake, so we opted to also climb Snowslide. Normally, I do this route in snow. So it was fun to find easy going in scenic terrain.

That's the summit 'pinnacle'. Approach
Brian finishes the summit scramble. Approach
Looking south from near the summit. Lots 'o peaks. Approach
Summit shot. Approach
On our return, we got a good view of the frozen lake. Approach

Gorgeous day. Occasional t-shirt weather with some wind. Clear views. Wonderful company.

And best hiking dog ever.


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