Golden Lake and Snowslide Peak


With a fresh snow predicted for this evening, we catch some sunshine on Snowslide Peak.

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The drive in was pretty bad- 15mph on a bumpy, rutted sheet of water ice. Those brand new studded snows were much appreciated. We were supposed to do Sawtooth Peak, but knowing what driving was ahead, I chickened out.
Also, a fisher (not my photo) ran across the road in front of us, which was a treat. At first we thought it was a wolverine, which would have been even more of a treat, but a little out of place.

I have now been up Snowslide Peak more than ten times. It never gets old. This was the latest in the year I have done it, and the ice formations were incredible.

Note that if you look closely, you can find Ruby in her bright green puffy (the temperature was in the teens).


In fact, there was ice all over the place, including where we normally walk. This made it interesting, and a bit slow.

Early morning light. We had departed my house a few minutes after 8, and the sun was a little slow coming up. That's Slick Rock on the far left.
If you are paying attention, you'll also notice the generous smear of ice on the right.

It's almost 2k' gain to Golden Lake. Still not a lot of sun.


When we finally got into real sunshine, it was notable for both the little bit of warmth and for the length of the shadows.

The route goes up sort of a snow bowl. No snowshoes needed today, although I had donned crampons. Dave, who is much tougher than me, did without. Approach
At the top of the bowl, a brief stroll through the woods yields views to the east and of the summit (pictured here). Approach

SuperDave on the summit.

We bundled up a bit and spent lunch on top, marveling at the clarity in all directions. That's Sawtooth Peak right behind Dave.


Looking east into the East Fork of Lake Fork Creek, and then down Fitsum Creek to the South Fork of the Salmon. And then the Frank Church Wilderness.

That's Maki Peak in the foreground, above Maki Lake. Fitsum Peak just right of and above Maki.

Looking south at Peak 8361 and lot of Lick Creek summits. Approach
Also looking south, this time with Jughandle in the center and Lake Cascade to the right. Approach

Some folks call this "Mt. Horrendous."

It's on my to-do list.


The snow was strangely sticky to descend, for the most part (always an exception to every rule). So it was an easy stroll back to a now-sunny Golden Lake.


Gorgeous day. Occasional t-shirt weather with some wind. Clear views. Wonderful company.

And best hiking dog ever.


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