Cly Lakes


A neighborhood hike to fish and sight-see.

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Dave and Rich had heard things. Good things. But also that it might be hard to find the lakes.

I've done this one quite a few times, and it seems each time I head up the trail-less hillside above the trailhead I choose a different route.


We rolled out at a leisurely 8:15, on our feet at about 9:30. It took about an hour and a half to finally get here.


Within minutes, Rich was rigged and whipping water.


Fish on!

This one is still in the lake because Rich is strictly catch and release.


While Rich continued fishing, Dave and I set out to get a view from the peaklet at the end of the lake. On our way, we got this view of The Beast.


And then we were on top. Dave is in the shadows on the left.

Nice view looking down on the Clys. There are three in the photo. Trailhead

Dave on top. To his left (your right) you can see the peaks we visited last week.


Then we had a little Lick Creek shenanigans crossing this ridge to make the traditional loop.


Closing our loop by dropping in on the other side of the lakes.

The timbered peak behind the lakes is Cly Basin Peak. And again, The Beast on the extreme right.

Working the green spaces between the boulders on the descent. Trailhead

When we first arrived at the lake, there had been a couple camping on this flats. They had departed while Dave and I were doing our tour, but Rich had talked with them. He also did his doctor thing on a gash in her leg. I asked if he checked her insurance, and he replied that he only checked to make sure she wasn't a lawyer.

I also did some checking: their illegal campfire was out, but still warm. People! "Dead out" means COLD.

I wanted to watch Ruby cross between the lakes with Dave, but she found her own route. Trailhead
Time for a swim. Trailhead


My new motto after more or less successfully following the trail: "Will guide for beer"

Dave's report



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