Eagle Nest


A mountain bike ride and short hike to the summit of Eagle Nest.

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I had read SuperDave's trip report (Idaho Alpine Zone link, above), and heard or read about the Eagle Nest mountain bike ride. Being a sucker for punishment, I put the two together.

So after about an hour of climbing, I turned right (opposite the traditional mountain bike ride) an proceeded up the ridge. A stronger rider might have had to do less pushing, but overall I'm sure I made better time than a hiker. After a bit, the GPS said I had 0.6 miles to go. At what must have been about 0.8, I was having fun but decided to check the GPS anyway... ooops!

So I ditched the bike and started my hike. It was only about 400' of gain, so I was soon nearing the top.


I was expecting to have to search out the lookout, but it's so big as to be extremely obvious.


And there is the actual summit.


I don't recommend rock climbing in cycling shoes. Actually, I don't recommend even hiking in them!




My helmet was back at the bike, but I had left the bandanna on in lieu of a hat.

Sadly, it was quite smoky and views were pretty much nil. This, believe it or not, is Cascade. Trailhead

With no views to keep my interest, I walked around the summit area and looked at the debris. Here's the remains of a cabin, with some old bed springs as accent.


Then it was time for the descent trail. As advertised, it's a fun ride. If I were to do this again, I would follow the ascent road (FS400) about 4 miles past the "trailhead" to pick up the upper trail, then ride the whole enchilada. That upper trail involves some up and down, plus it's a little more technical. Big fun.




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