Gallagher Peak snowshoe


We return to see what Gallagher Peak is like in the snow.

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Dave sent out the invite, and only yours truly responded. I suggested we find something between McCall and Boise, and told him I had an idea: Gallagher.

I did this one last spring, and was eager to see what it was like with snow. In just a few easy minutes we were looking up at the saddle. You could see the trail, and we did not yet need our slowshoes.




It was cold and blustery at the saddle, and as we climbed above it, the snow was getting deeper.


Looking back toward the saddle. At this point we are on snowshoes, which is why Dave is temporarily behind me; I got ready faster.


Looking back down Little Gallagher Creek.

I had been here before, the light was really flat, and Dave was making me work while breaking trail. So no photos until we got to the summit. Trailhead

There is one little technical section on the ridge. Here Dave finishes the tricky descent. Our snowshoe crampons were contacting rock, and a slip might have led to a 30 of 40 foot slide or tumble down the hillside.

When studying this peak, Dave had noticed a much shorter route that used this ridge. So heading down this new way, we had it all: adventure, ridge walk, and loop. Trailhead
The ridge had a couple undulations, and there is some trees and brush. But generally, a good path. Trailhead
And a good view. This is looking back at our up route. Trailhead
One thing about this route: it ends with a crescendo. It gets very steep. Look closely and you can see the truck down there. Trailhead
There's about a 1000' to drop. This picture doesn't do a good job of showing how steep it is. Trailhead
This is looking back up. Trailhead

Map of our descent (only).

For map of ascent, see the Gallagher Peak TR.


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