Jug Mountain ski


This season's very late first day at Jug.

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Last year, we skied Jug several times in December with amazing snow. This year, I had yet to take my chances on the thin cover in the woods. So when we got 10" in a couple of days, John was headed up and we were off bright and early.

The snow as still a little thin, but adequate for our purposes.


The track through the trees in Jug Meadow were braided. But the scenery was very winter-ish.


Ruby the powderhound does not believe in saving energy for later in the day. She was off here and there, checking it all out.


When we finally got onto the mountain proper, we were totally stoked: blue skies and virgin snow.


So much for virgin....


We worked it pretty hard, and the day just kept getting better. We briefly considered going for a fourth lap, but fortunately John had a time crunch that sent us off for home.


Hero shot.

Note the little spec in the top of the photo. Little dog needs a snorkel!

TrailheadJohn Fadgen photo
Video of the powderhound.
Video of John finding his happy place

Near the end of a great day.

The next couple miles down the mountain made us glad we hadn't done a fourth lap: quad fire!


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