Jughandle Mountain


A ski tour up Jug before the predicted deluge hits.

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It was my day off, and the last sunny day predicted for a week or more. With rain coming. Tons.

So we left relatively late, hoping to get some softer snow. What we got was powder on ice. I should have been paying more attention. But as we went higher, the powder got deeper.

There it is.


Perfect snow for Ruby: a few inches of powder on a supportive base. She ran all over the mountain.


After the uphill traverse from hell (not bad conditions, but so repetitive that my right hip was aching) I took off my skis and booted the last 50 feet to the summit.

Ruby looked for the summit register. Trailhead

View south to Ladybug and Cascade Reservoir.


Looking sort of northwesterly.


West toward McCall.


The descent wasn't bad, although it did have its challenges. I left the kicker skins on as brakes, but the traverse included patches of ice between patches of powder. Going from ice to powder invariably tried to toss me on my nose.

Dropping through the trees went really well, mostly because the coverage is healthy.

And then we were on the road heading home, with a glance back at the summit.

Jug Reservoir and the Seven Devils/Wallowas. Trailhead


When we got home, Ruby and I were both very tired. But it was SUCH a great day!


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