Payette Point


With a south-facing route, Payette Point is a good choice on a super-cold day.

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When I got up this morning, it was -15°F. Too cold for skiing with its added wind chill, IMHO.

So instead, we chose to slowshoe up the south-facing hillside below Payette Point, also known by some locals as Egg Rock. Here Jim has stopped to fuss with gear in a relatively warm spot.


Someone had snowshoed up here prior to the last storm, so there was a track to follow and under the 5" of powder it was still pretty firm. Ruby led the way.

Nearing the rock, this route swung to climber's left. In the past, I've climbed it from the right, but who wants to leave a packed trail?


Looking back at Payette Lake.


Whichever way you go, this chute on the NE side is the easiest access to the top. It is in the shade, so today it was.... brisk.


Looking up the chute.

Yeah, it's steep.


And then flattens out into a wonderful view and an area protected from the wind.

Right behind us, Jim was on his way. When he arrived, we sat here and had tea and lunch. And worked on our tans.

Jim on his way. Trailhead

This is the last 30 feet to the top. We decided that it looked out of condition, so didn't even try.



There is a healthy dropoff just behind Jim. Maybe 70-80 feet? Ruby didn't seem bothered in the least, dancing and playing along the edge of the drift, which of course made me a bit nervous. So as soon as the tea was gone, I was ready to leave our sunny perch.


Descent. Then followed a well-packed snowshoe track to the truck.

A great afternoon outing.


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