Thatcher Peak


Thatcher Peak is our first peak of 2018.

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Dave had kindly invited me for a 2018 New Year's Day outing. Over the years, we've done several of these not-too-toasty outings together:

I had had the flu all week, so at first I declined. But on NYE I was feeling a bit better, so signed on with the rest of the crew. Did not want to miss out.

We met in Banks at 7:30, and were on our feet at about 9:30. -10°F. And were on our way on across the highway bridge at Cape Horn and heading for the sunshine on the ridge top.


After bout an hour, we were in the sun and ready for a break, although Brett was doing most of the work. Guy's an animal.


At this point almost all the gain was done, but we still had a half mile to traverse. A couple ups and downs.


And now the views really opened up. This is the Tango Peaks to the east. High on my 2018 list.


Photos were difficult, because we were climbing toward the low-hanging sun all day.

So the panorama below turned out a bit heavy on the blue. If you are a fan of the Sawtooths, you have to know the names of a few of the most iconic peaks shown here.


Looking north, the sun angle was so low that our shadows extended for a long ways.

When the bulk of the group got to the summit, our scouts Brett and Ruby had already confirmed that nothing ahead was any higher. Trailhead

Summit shot.

Although for most of the climb there had not been a breath of wind, right at this spot there was a chilling breeze. So John found us the perfect spot for a sunny picnic, and we enjoyed. Except that those long shadows move quickly on a January noon. So as the trees soon blocked the warming sun, we had to buckle up to avoid losing too much body heat.

Down, down, down. And more long shadows on the Mod Squad. Trailhead

Note: The upper waypoint is not on the summit. It's our lunch spot.

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