2019 in Pictures


January 2019 had slightly low snow, but overall pretty good coverage. February gave us the BIG dump. Spring was cool and wet, so the summer was filled with wildflowers. And so far, a low-fire year.


For a textual presentation of the year, see the 2019 Page.

Blackwell Lake ski tour Edelman Peak Nevada road trip
Snowdon Point Cervidae ITA: Sheep Creek
Rapid River Peak 7260, Warm Lake Point The Yellow Jacket
Kelly Mountain Eagle Rock Sunny Bar Peak
Mickey Butte trip Peak 7081 Hazard Creek Falls
Berg Mountain Jughandle Mountain Snowslide Peak
Rapid River ridge Oro Mountain Peak 7096
Pot Peak Forest and Ruby mountains Mt. Horrendous and The Spear
Emmett Mountain Square Top basin (The Castle) The Pinnacles
Lake Mountain and Little Baldy Whangdoodle Mountain Idler Peak
Patrick Butte and Pt. 8300 Slab Butte Majers Peak
Seven Devils sojourn Three Blaze Trail
Adopt A Highway
Enos Lake Backpack Granite Mountain Ho Lake
Beaverdam Peak Boulder Mountain Vics-Rapid-Buckhorn traverse
Iron Bog Peak Table Rock and The Nipple Nevada
Yockwah Peak Grouse Creek Mountain Window Peak
Payette Point    

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