Warm Lake Point


Warm Lake Point is a great ski explore above Warm Lake.

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Tuesday. Early mud season. What to do? Jim fell for my argument about climbing Peak 7260 east of Warm Lake.

So after a pleasant drive over Big Creek summit with convivial conversation, we did a short surveillance of the hillside and determined that this was the best of what was left of the Spring 2019 snow season.

We started out walking, but after only about 100' of gain, I transitioned into ski boots and we both hopped on our skis. Fair enough.

So skis were the ticket and we effortlessly (well, not really) gained quick elevation. This is looking back down on Warm Lake. Trailhead
And this is looking up to where we were headed. Trailhead

Ruby knew that the treats were in Dad's right hip pocket.


With the overcast, the lighting wasn't great for photos. But I tried.

I have marked two peaks here. The one on the left is Curtis Peak, on the right is Klein Mountain. Art, John and I climbed those two peaks in 2017. Trailhead

Things were going well, but we were racing the predicted 80% POP at noon.

Oh good, there's the summit right there! A few random snow flakes were falling.

Jim and Ruby on the summit. Trailhead
Jim and I on the summit. I'm wearing the special IdahoSummits hat, which means Big Dan owes me fifty cents. Trailhead

I got one sort of boring video of what we thought was excellent corn skiing (bad lighting).

After dancing down the hillside with both great skiing and some, umm, interesting spring log-avoidance, we hit the road with just a short walk back to the car. Sweet!

We loaded up and headed over to the Warm Lake Lodge. Jim was thinking lunch. And I was thinking that since Jim was driving, I could have a beer. No dice- they are closed on Tuesdays. sigh. And the rain started just after that. Oh well, it had been a great ski explore.

Map Trailhead

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