Adopt a Highway


A little community service is good for the soul.

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Our daughter "gave" us for Christmas last year this section of Adopt a Highway. It extends roughly from milepost 122 to 124 of Highway 21 north of Stanley. It crosses Elk Creek and goes past the Park Creek Overlook.

All photos by Julie

Our sign.

Wearing safety orange. And our Idaho Summits hats.

This is what it's all about. Bend over and fill that bag. 10 of them. Trailhead

Afterwards, dinner. With cocktails. In the camper. Wearing safety orange.


Then rest.

Yes, that's my copy of Merciless Eden by the pillows.


We 'accidentally' did almost our whole 2-mile section on Saturday. It turns out that our campsite on Elk Creek road wasn't in the middle, but was way to the end.

So on Sunday, we only had to work about 45 minutes to complete the pick-up. Then we loaded all that trash (except the pickup truck driveshaft, which was too long) into the back seat of the truck, stacked deep enough to reach above the headrests...good thing it has the "mega-cab"!.... and after searching for some time, were allowed to put all that smelly crap in the dumpsters at the Stanley Lake campground. For $10.

Note: If you plan ahead, ITD gives you bags and will pick up the full ones. But who plans ahead?

Since we were already at Stanley Lake, and we hadn't checked off nearby Elk Mountain, it was time for a hike.


We went up the road a ways, then parked.

From there, we all walked farther up the road until Julie decided she had had enough. While she wandered around and took pictures (Williams Peak on the left, Merritt at center?), Ruby and I tagged Elk Mountain.

Then back to the camper for snacks and a view from the camp chairs.

And finally, a pleasant but weary drive home.


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