Boulder Mountain


Boulder is a fun outing in my backyard.

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Jeff was visiting from Salmon and wanted to get out. I had been watching the weather (and fresh snow earlier in the week), wondering first what the trails might be like, then worrying about what the roads might be like. Finally, I was asked to help Dave make decisions at the ski swap.

So now I needed something close to town. But a late start sounded good anyway, since on this side of the mountains the sun doesn't really get up until after 9.

So after a short drive (the trailhead is about 6 air miles from my house), we were walking in snow right from the truck. In the shade, but slightly warmer than the valley floor.


We weren't exactly blazing any trails, but it didn't take long to get to the first lake.

Our route would take us up the rib of sunshine, left of center.


And then the second lake, and now, up the rib. Slippery.

But such a nice day!

We weren't alone in enjoying the area. But these were a day or two old. Trailhead


I made Jeff suffer through a round of NTP.

And then Jeff whipped out The Classic, which he enjoyed while resting on the old lookout timbers. Trailhead

It was great catching up with Jeff. Salmon is too far away.

For a map, see the 2018 version linked above.


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