It might be my 50th time up Cervidae....

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I had an appointment in Boise, so arranged to go for a hike with Michael. Gorgeous day to be out, and his company always makes for a great day. Frozen soil in the morning, too.

There's the summit off in the distance. Trailhead
A little snow in the saddle. Trailhead
We took the go-around for this false summit, which put us on bulletproof snow too steep for unclad hiking boots. Ruby, on the other hand, has built-in crampons. Trailhead
Looking down at the reservoir. Trailhead


Ruby's first time up, but still couldn't get her to hold still for the photo. Meanwhile, she started barking at a mystery that turned out to be two guys coming up for their first time, from the west. She's a good watch dog.

Bogus Basin (Shafer Butte) in the background on the horizon.

Note: Trail was getting a little soft as we descended around noon.


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