Granite Mountain


A snowy trip up Granite Mountain.

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We were looking for something easy, in particular an easy drive. With no real reports of how much snow had fallen up high, we opted for a peak on Dave's list, Granite Mountain.

I had been to the lookout on Granite quite a few times (see links above), but had somewhat recently noticed the lookout is NOT the highpoint. Dang!

So we were off in a skiff of snow. The lower trail was bare, but frozen mud.


About half way, there is a slight saddle. Then you climb up a rocky section. The trail through the rocks is much more obvious than the last time I climbed this. I'm not sure if someone did some trail work, or it's just getting a lot more use.

With improved trail tread, we quickly gained altitude and the frozen mud turned to snow. And we moved into more of a fog bank or cloud. The lookout is just barely visible.


The footing was decent and the snow was only a couple inches deep, so we made good time up to the lookout.

Dave overturned a couple firewood rounds for chairs, and we had a pleasant lunch on top. No wind, and not really cold- except we're not yet used to this weather.


Time to head home. When we got to the slight saddle on the ridge, we left the trail and traversed to the "true" summit, which is a full foot higher.

If you click for the bigger version of the picture, you can see Ruby cavorting. She loves the snow! She was such a happy dog today.


Dave working it.

Hunter-orange hat: it's that time of year.


Looks like winter.

Time to head down.


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Photo by Dave Beck




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