Hazard Creek Falls


Big May water makes Hazard Creek very scenic.

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Note: I hiked this in April 2014, and that report is worth viewing simply because the water volume was so much greater this time.

NOAA said the POP was going to go up around noon or 1pm, so we got an early start. Well, sort of early. It's about an hour's drive from McCall, so 8:30 was fine.

The trail was very green and the unseen water was roaring.


But you don't have to walk far to see the source of all that noise.

To convey the power of water, it always helps to add some motion.

The water is dropping like mad, which also means the trail is climbing. As a result of the gain, you get views "downstream." This is Pollock Mountain.

And a close-up of the lookout. Trailhead
It didn't take us long to get to the falls on Hazard Creek. However, it's hard to get a complete view of the falls; note Dave at upper left also trying. We clambered around on the edge of the cliff, but the recent rain had left the lichen greasy underfoot. Trailhead
I took this one by leaning out and reaching out with one hand. Still not great. Trailhead
Let's put some motion into that.

While we were farting around trying to get photos, Ruby waited patiently.


Then we made a short attempt to go farther up the canyon. There is a trail in here, but no one had gone this way recently, nor cleared it out.


If the thick brush wasn't bad enough, this area burned a few years ago and all the dead trees are coming down now.

So we turned around.

Despite the overcast, there was lots to look at (and photograph). To see Dave's excellent photos, visit davefaitlemond.com (in English: Dave rides the world). Trailhead
This is marked on the map as 'Hazard Falls', but is really Hyatt Creek. Dang trees are in the way!
There is a short spur trail that takes you closer.
The problem with this falls is that the closer you get, the less you can see.
But with this volume of water it's spectacular, any way you slice it.
As we neared the car (and the clock struck noon) the sky was indicating that NOAA was right today. Here comes the rain. But with tick check completed (score = 1), we were in the car when the first drops hit. Trailhead
Map Trailhead

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