Sheep Creek trail work


Giving back with the Idaho Trails Association

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I'm a member of ITA- you can be, too. One of the perks of my membership was getting invited to go on this week-long trail project along Idaho's Salmon river.... including a jet-boat ride to camp.

After we unloaded the boat (twice) and set up the group camp, we set up our personal tents. Mine is blue, Art's is tannish. Trailhead
It was still Sunday afternoon with no real work scheduled until tomorrow, so Art and I went on an explore. From the very steep ridge we climbed, this is looking down on the group camp. Trailhead
And a little higher up, showing more of the canyon. Trailhead

Art in shirtsleeves weather.

On the way down, we found a really nice trail not indicated by the map. Bonus!

The next morning we were out bright and early. Sophie removes some brush. Trailhead
Here's a wider view of what the trail looks like. Really fun walking. Trailhead
Get those rocks off the tread! Trailhead
Heading home at the end of the day. It's always fun to walk trail that you made usable earlier in the day. Trailhead
After a great dinner, time to socialize in the big tent. Clay, Art,and Patti. Trailhead
The next day, hard at it again. Fixing tread. Trailhead
Always with the views. Trailhead
Spring Break at the beach. Trailhead
More views. Trailhead
More views. If you click on this, you'll see some ITA folks working their way up the switchbacks needed to get over this rocky promontory. The trail often has to move up and down the hillside to thread its way through the cliffs. Remember, this is "The River of No Return." Trailhead
More cliffs, this time heading up Sheep Creek in the morning. Hobie and Toby smiling. Trailhead
The glory task: removing a big log from the trail. Lots of work in planning, preparing, and sawing. Trailhead
Chris and Sophie show how it's done.

All the effort is rewarded when the trail is again walkable. John and Toby appear to be dancing in celebration of all the room in the tread.

Good job, team!


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