Rapid River


Hiking Rapid River is a McCall spring tradition.

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It's still March, so we got a late start while waiting for things to warm up. Sure enough, when we got to the trailhead, Jim and Pam Pace were returning from their hike wearing puffies and gloves.

We weren't wearing puffies, but gloves were in order. Trailhead
It was wonderful to be out hiking on bare ground. Trailhead

But in the shade of the canyon, it was still quite cool. Or cold. You pick.

If you click for the bigger version of the photo, you can see Ruby's position preference on a hike.


We were surprised that the creek wasn't fuller. But the gin-clear stream made for great photos.

Next to the creek, above the creek. This trail has lots of ups and downs. Trailhead
And in and out of the sun. Trailhead
I was enjoying listening to the water. As the trail moves closer and away, and the water changes speeds or meets obstacles. Musical. Trailhead
The clouds came out and blocked our sun. Trailhead
But we were all enjoying the walk. Trailhead
Julie and the pup on the second bridge, our turnaround today. Trailhead
One last water shot. Trailhead

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