The Yellow Jacket and Pt. 4791


Yellow Jacket is in Leslie Gulch, Oregon.

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After watching the weather prediction ruin a longer plan, Tom and I finally settled on getting the one sunny day in the Owyhees. I hadn't been to Leslie in years, so his suggestion got an immediate 'thumbs up.'

To beat the possible afternoon weather, we got an early start. I left home at 4:30 and we were on our feet about 9:30. Sun coming up in blue sky. No one else in the parking lot. Excellent!

The colors of the rock, the shapes and textures, and the cool shadows don't really come out in my photos. But here you go, anyway. Trailhead
Sunshine silhouette. Or as Tom exclaimed at one point, penumbra (look it up). Trailhead

Looking up the canyon from higher up. You can sort of see the saddle we were heading for, and that means The Yellow Jacket is to the left and Peak 4791 is off to the right.

Much of the trail follows the dry stream bed of Juniper Gulch. At one point, there is a trail that leaves the bottom and climbs to the ridge (we followed that on the way out) but we instead followed the stream bed That led us to about a 15' pour-over that goes at Class IV. Ruby climbed it with a spot. Sorry, no pics. Trailhead

Sunshine coming!

The top of the canyon gets increasingly steep. With that and the sun, we were sweating. These "high" temperatures take some getting used to. Trailhead
Looking back at Mahogany Mountain. Trailhead
From the saddle, there is a confusion of rock. Something up there is the top...but if you think you see it, you're probably wrong. Trailhead
Steens Mountain off to the west/southwest. Trailhead
A little easy scrambling. Ruby is leading. "Find the trail, Ruby!" Trailhead
And there's the top. Trailhead


Photo by Tom.

Looking back at our route. And across to Peak 4791. Trailhead
Ruby patiently waiting. Trailhead
Phlox. This was after we had returned to the saddle and started for our second peak. There was quite a lot of it. Trailhead
Tom doing a little freestyle as we are nearing our second summit for the day. Trailhead
Wild horses. Lots of them. There were several groups probably totaling over 50. But all requiring full zoom with the camera. Trailhead
Looking back down Juniper Gulch, with a little more sunlight this time. Trailhead

Rocks. Lots of rocks.

Very cool area, fun and easy hike, wonderful views. Thanks for a great day, Tom!

Note: When we got back to the car, the parking lot was almost completely full, and there was a fair bit of traffic on the way out.

Map Trailhead

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