Arling Trail


Visiting Arling Trail, an ITA project.

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I had an appointment with Search and Rescue at noon, so we were looking for a quick hike. I knew of the Arling Trail, and that the WOW (Women Only Weekend) program of the Idaho Trails Association (ITA) had worked the trail. Let's go check it out!

Note on the map here... the best parking spot is on a switchback just short of the actual trailhead. In my truck, I had to do about a twenty-point turn to get turned around at the road's end.


On this side of Cascade Reservoir, the hillside is lush and verdant. Julie enjoyed the green, I enjoyed the shade.


The trail does a short traverse, then goes pretty much straight up the steep hillside. After about a quarter mile, it mellows out. Thankfully.


Our turn-around was the creek crossing, the one on the map labelled 'footbridge.'.

Note: there is no footbridge.


A map reader would notice the meadow or marsh shown nearby. It's only about 100 yards from the creek crossing. Very pretty.

And above, you can see the top of the ridge. The trail goe to the top of the ridge, but not in the area you are looking at here.


The twisty, steep little one-lane road to get up here seemed a lot shorter on the way back.



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