Hidden Lake and Hard Creek Lake


I'm now officially a senior citizen.

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No more work. I am fully retired.

Better go for a hike.

So here we are, walking the easy trail (a trail!) to Hidden Lake as way to apologize to Texas Tim for our thrash to Pete's Lake. And today with a celebrity, my good friend Tom.

Note: I had done this one before.


We've only been walking about an hour, and there's the lake already. With fish rising.

Dave nor I could get a nibble with our spinners, but Tim was determined to whip some water anyway. He even brought a different pair of fishing shoes this time.


I got bored with no nibbles, so Tom and I headed for Hard Creek Lake. Tom and I have been best friends for, ummm, about 50 years. He got me into bike racing.


There is sort of a trail to Hard Creek, but it goes through these beautiful alpine meadows, which means it occasionally disappears under the grass.


At the saddle, we took a break and enjoyed the views.

In the background on the left, that's Serene Benchmark.


Looking west across the Hard Creek valley without Ruby and the rock in the way.


Hard Creek Lake. When we got down to the lake, it was time for us old folks to take another break.

In the left background here, Bruin Peak.


And then we had to beat feet back to the truck for the cocktail hour.


See Dave's excellent photos

Map Trailhead

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