Lick Creek Road


Spring skiing while social distancing.

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I considered all sorts of possibilities, but settled on a ski up Lick Creek Road. Close to home. No people. Well, there was one snowmobiler, but he left the parking area before we got on our skis.

It was pretty casual, so I threw a water bottle and a vest into a pack. Not much else. And doh!--- no camera. So these photos were taken with Art's phone, which was running about 10% battery remaining.

I know it's confusing, but this part of Lick Creek Road isn't on Lick Creek. It's Lake Fork Creek.


And running gin-clear. The creek was, at least. The slightly foggy, or dreamy, state is both artistic and a metaphor for our mental conditions in our advanced ages.


From the first bridge, this is looking upstream. If you want to see more of this area, visit my trip report from 2018 when we walked the length of the ridge you see here.

I though this was just bad photography until I remembered Art's surprise at seeing a butterfly. Can you find it? Trailhead

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