Payette Point


More social distancing in Valley County.

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In the age of corona virus, and especially at my age, it's good to stay active to support a strong immune system. Or at least, that's my excuse. Art's back was bad. Craig was doing the father-daughter thing. So it was just me and Ruby. Not that that is anything new, really.

So we headed for Payette Point. I had snowshoes in the car, but that's where they stayed.

Not a lot of extraordinary stuff to photograph until you get to the final climb. So just trust me; most forests are uncommonly beautiful when under a blanket of snow. And here we are on the final climb.


Ruby has done this hike many times. This is the 'balcony' before the Class 4 bit. That's Little Payette Lake in the immediate background, about 1400' below us.

This is the Class 4 bit. A coating of snow makes it more, ummm, interesting. Trailhead

I don't always go to the top, but when I do it's sunny and beautiful. And the views get better and better.

Note the Wild Chef hat.


There's Jughandle.


There's McCall.

On the way back down, the snow had gotten a touch softer. Ruby was doing some protective growling before we ran into my friend Kurt, his family, and some other compatriots.



A stop at Two Sisters (support your local small businesses), and some accompanying quarantine humor.

And then home.

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