Payette Point


More social distancing in Valley County.

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We've gotten real snow from the last storm. Slightly early and strong compared to a normal November. So we offloaded and waited about two minutes for Scott to arrive. With his help, we'll be breaking trail up the hillside in the background here.


There he is now.

It's about 90 minutes or so to the top. Lots of time to marvel at the winter scene and tell a few tall tales.

There's a trail up in here somewhere, and we may have been on it. But no matter.... lots to look at, and the snow covered many of the obstacles. Trailhead

There's one now.


And then there is the technical snowshoe section.


I think it's easier when there is a bit more snow. The snowshoes don't really do that well on granite boulders.


And the home stretch. Trailhead
Ruby was a little tardy. There must have been squirrels down there. Trailhead
Charlie advised against doing the last bit above the balcony. Trailhead
The view from the balcony is stunning. Trailhead

Ruby hasn't forgotten her Uncle Dave training.


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