The Peninsula


Ironically a long social distance from anyone, because The Peninsula is right next to Highway 55.

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This climb gets right down to business. At most, your warm-up consists of crossing the highway.

That's Craig's rig parked down there about 1:15 from our houses.


Yes, it's that steep. "Small chainring"

Craig is looking uphill at the dogs, who were running at full speed uphill: Marmot!

After just a few minutes of effort, the views are popping. Trailhead

The LOJ highpoint (summit) for this outing. Only about 20 minutes into a 5-hour hike. And at least 6 feet apart.


There's where we are headed. Snow line.

Because we're not carrying snowshoes.


It's spring! A time for little yellow flowers and chocolate gumdrops. Trailhead
There are a few obstacles along the ridge, but just try to stay on the very top as much as you can. The deer and elk will show you the way. Trailhead
Looking up the South Fork. Trailhead
Craig's elk thing (it's a thing) was fulfilled. Trailhead
We didn't get to any peak on this ridge. The view is what we climbed up here for. Trailhead

And when we finally got to the snow and our highpoint of the ridge, the pups were telling us something.

Yes, that's their "Elk, Dad!" look. Unofficial tally for this hike was about 6 or 8 mulies, and maybe 50 elk.

Oh... you want to SEE the mulies. These were from earlier in the hike. Trailhead
The ridge keeps going if you are so inclined (we weren't). Trailhead
Back down we go. Another look. And a little storm moving in. Trailhead
And then a really cool return to the car. I'm pretty sure this is the old wagon road to Garden Valley. For reference, you can see the new paved road down below. Trailhead

More of the wagon road. Shortly after here, the wagon road disappears and you have to drop down a really steep hillside onto the pavement. We were prepared with leashes, and walked most of the way back to the rig on the outside of the guard rail.


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